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I post Ag Data News articles every Wednesday.  At least, Wednesday is my goal. Sometimes, other work gets in the way and I'm a day or two late. Here's a convenient list of past articles based on whether they include R code, use data from our apps, address the effects of events or policies, or were written in my ARE 231 class.

Hay, It's National Utah Day!

Yesterday, my Twitter feed informed me that May 31 is National Utah Day.A tweet from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) tipped me off on National Utah Day. They used the opportunity to highlight research conducted at Utah State University's Agriculture Experiment Station. NIFA is the part of USDA that funds research projects to "address key national and global challenges." If you do research in agriculture, NIFA is an important potential funding source.  

Here's an Easy Way to Get Weather Data

I have often found myself in a Google doom loop searching for data I know is available. I just don't know where to find it in a convenient form.

This week, we are launching a new web app you can use to easily download United States weather data by zipcode, county, or state. The data include precipitation, minimum and maximum temperature, average temperature, and various degree day variables. 

Want daily cooling degree days by zipcode? We have that.

Most of Tulare Lake is Contained in a Single Farm

Tulare Lake used to be the largest lake west of the Mississippi River. Beginning in the late 19th century, farmers drained it to grow crops. The lakebed flooded in 1969, 1983, and 1997, but otherwise has served as productive cropland.

This year, it has flooded again and farmers may not be able to plant crops in the lakebed until 2025.

The Value of Methane from Cow Manure

Methane is the second-most emitted greenhouse gas behind carbon dioxide (CO2). Cattle burps and manure are a major source of methane emissions; natural gas leaks and landfills are other prominent sources. Most carbon dioxide emissions are produced by burning fossil fuels.

Egg Prices are Still High, Especially in California

A typical household spends only a few dollars per week on eggs, but seemingly everyone has been talking about egg prices this winter. That is what happens when a product most people buy quintuples in price. 

Which Fries are the Best?

The humble potato is a staple of diets throughout the world. It originated in Peru before spreading through the world in the 1500s. Some historians credit it with ending famine in Northern Europe and even with fueling European imperialism. It is easy to grow, stores well, and is versatile and tasty.

Are Robots Going to Steal our Jobs?

The new wave of agricultural technology will enable machines to take over tasks that people used to do. Robots that weed fields and harvest crops will replace people who could have been done the task. This fact causes people to worry a lot about job loss.

When horses lost their jobs to tractors, the horse population dropped by 85%. What will happen when robots take over agricultural jobs?


The 7 Most Read Ag Data News Articles of 2022

I published 44 Ag Data News articles in 2022 (including this one). Five of them were written by students in my ARE 231 class.

Here are the 7 most read articles. For the top 5, I define most read by total views on my website and my substack site. I added numbers 6 and 7, which had lower view counts than some that did not make the list, but they had high engagement on Twitter.

Here's the list.

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