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I post Ag Data News articles every Wednesday.  At least, Wednesday is my goal. Sometimes, other work gets in the way and I'm a day or two late. Here's a convenient list of past articles based on whether they include R code, use data from our apps, address the effects of events or policies, or were written in my ARE 231 class.

Are Robots Going to Steal our Jobs?

The new wave of agricultural technology will enable machines to take over tasks that people used to do. Robots that weed fields and harvest crops will replace people who could have been done the task. This fact causes people to worry a lot about job loss.

When horses lost their jobs to tractors, the horse population dropped by 85%. What will happen when robots take over agricultural jobs?


The 7 Most Read Ag Data News Articles of 2022

I published 44 Ag Data News articles in 2022 (including this one). Five of them were written by students in my ARE 231 class.

Here are the 7 most read articles. For the top 5, I define most read by total views on my website and my substack site. I added numbers 6 and 7, which had lower view counts than some that did not make the list, but they had high engagement on Twitter.

Here's the list.

Beef is not as Bad for the Climate as You Think, But It's Still Bad for the Climate

I like to eat beef. I also like air conditioning and driving (though I prefer to ride my bike). These activities all contribute to climate change. To mitigate climate change, it is likely that these products will be produced differently and/or I will do less of these activities in the future. 

I am OK that I like those activities and I am OK with the fact that things need to change.

Agricultural Prices Aren't Driving Food Price Inflation

Prices in the grocery store have increased in the past two years, and it seems reasonable to look at the prices of agricultural commodities such as corn and wheat for signs of where food inflation is going. We have all read countless articles asserting that Russia's invasion of Ukraine caused grain prices to spike (a dubious assertion in itself), which means Americans will now face high bread prices.

Should Farmers Plant Solar Panels or Corn?

Corn occupies more land than any other crop in the US. A third of the corn harvest is used to make ethanol, which is an ingredient in the gasoline that powers our cars. Now that the transition to electric vehicles is in full swing, would that land would be better used to generate electricity? 


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